Social Policy

Our Company adheres to the provisions of human rights in accordance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Company accepts and realizes the proper implementation of social issues as a priority and strives for sustainable development. During the term of its activity the Company implements social programs, which aim to improve the quality of life of employees and people living in the affected communities.
It is important for us to increase the positive effects and eliminate or mitigate the potential negative impacts of the Company’s activities. At all stages of our activity, from design to operation, we set a high value on the economic profile of the affected community and what impact our activities can have on the economic life of the affected community.
During the operation of the mining complex, the initiator intends to participate in the development programs of the affected communities. Involvement of local residents and the residents of neighboring regions will contribute to the improvement of their living standards by solving a number of social problems.
The participation will be carried out in different directions.
We commit ourselves to:

• Providing material assistance to the residents.

• Providing material support to kindergartens and schools.

• Participating in socio-economic programs of community development.

• Creating new jobs.

It is the primary condition for the Company to maintain good relations with the affected communities, a vivid proof of which is the Company’s constant visits and meetings with the population and heads of communities. The purpose of the visits and meetings is to ensure mutual respect and cooperation, for the implementation of social programs for the benefit of the communities and the population of the region.