Health and Safety Policy

We greatly value the health and safety of our employees, and we do everything possible to prevent the occurrence of possible injuries during work. Safety and health of employees during work activities is the system of protection of life and health of employees, which includes legal, socio-economic, sanitary and hygienic, preventive medical, rehabilitative and other measures. The organization carries out a number of planned works aimed at improving working conditions and reducing work-related injuries:
• Conducting initial training on safety rules with all the staff they employ.

• Providing employees of all professions with instructions for safe execution of works.

• Providing the staff with appropriate clothing, footwear, and personal protective means: helmet, glasses, lamp, gloves, first aid kit and accessories.

• Allowing driving mountain vehicles and machinery to those who have undergone special training and have a driver’s license to operate those vehicles or machinery.

• Providing the necessary first-aid equipment.

The Company employees are obliged to know their health and safety responsibilities and to strictly follow the instructions.