Environmental Policy

The Company’s primary requirement for the experts during execution of drilling and geologic prospecting work is to strictly adhere to all the rules established by the legislation, relating to drilling and coring work and the environmental protection requirements. On the territory permitted to the Company, jointly with geologic prospecting work, environmental protection measures are also taken.
One of the most responsible components of our adopted policy – reducing the negative impact on the environment during the activities and
rehabilitation of damaged environment.
The Company is committed to:

• Ensuring the safety of subsoil, atmosphere, soil, forests, water, and other objects of nature and the environment from the harmful effects
of the work related to subsoil use.

• Ensuring the protection of natural, historical and cultural monuments.

• Restoring and improving the lands disturbed due to subsoil use, making them suitable for household use or re-establishing their safety.

• Ensuring the safety of implementation of work related to subsoil use.

• Making periodic measurements of qualitative and quantitative parameters of air emissions of materials, every three months.

• Performing monitoring of soil pollution due to the use of machine oils and lubricants, to avoid possible soil contamination.

• Performing drilling work by modern drilling rigs, which will ensure minimal dust formation.

Carrying out restoration of topsoil after the open pit exploitation, after technical reclamation. The Company is making continuous monitoring of application of measures for the study of biodiversity, water and land mass and for harm reduction.